Recruit me

Hi, let’s be candid about what would make us a good fit. I clearly spell a few things out here in order to save both of us time. You can also learn more about me personally.

You should know that I really enjoy my job. But, perhaps you have something that I won’t want to miss.

What you get

What I’m looking for

I value opportunities to innovate and solve complex technical challenges so I can grow and stretch myself. I seek to deliver performant software that’s meaningful to customers.

I’m open to working with most kinds of products. Given the current market, I’m not open to products that rely solely on blockchain technologies.

As part of the recruitment process, I would like an opportunity to sit down with the team (virtually or in-person) to answer questions and discuss the product and engineering experience.

I am only open to remote work at this time.

I’m willing to discuss moonlighting additional contract or consulting work.

If you still think I might be a good fit, then please share with me some details before we connect on a call: