k9s shell tour

Don’t be fooled, having a home server is really just hundreds of hours of badblocks.

I’ve been hard at work recently converting my architecture to support orchestrated deployments with multiple nodes. I haven’t quite achieved high-availability, and I’m not likely to take things that far. However, it has been an excellent journey to become more acquainted with Kubernetes.

Setup and usage are inspired by a homelab gitops template and the k8s-at-home community. You can find similar setups with the k8s at home search. Historical revisions of my homelab setup had rootless Podman containers deployed with ansible as systemd units. Prior to that, I used docker-compose to orchestrate containers on a single node.


Here have been some of my goals:

Some questions


I finally upgraded my media server chassis to a Supermicro CSE-826. For almost 7 years I was using a Node 804, which is popular among hobbyists because it fits 8x 3.5" drivers. I use old desktop hardware for this NAS and other nodes.

I used a widely-known and inexpensive method to add additional SATA storage via a Host Bus Adapter (HBA). I purchased a Dell Perc H310 a long while back. Mine did come from overseas, but it turned out to be legit. This video shows how it can be flashed to an LSI 9211-8i IT (it’s called IT mode; see also 1, 2).

Here are other recommended controllers.